5 Great jobs for retirees

Working as a retiree is a good option if you are a senior who still wants to feel useful at a work place or to supplement your pension.  Nowadays there are good flexible job options that could help you with what you need, and they do not mean you will have to be 24/7 working. Sometimes, Social Security benefits are unfortunately not enough to cover Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 . Today, we will share with you a list with 5 great jobs for retirees.

  1. Use the internet

      There a lot of ways in you can use the internet to make some extra money. If you are not the most technological person in the world, ask someone to help you. The options are countless, but depending on your abilities some may be better for you.

For example, if you like crafting, you can sell the things you do through websites like Etsy; if you know how to drive, you can become an Uber driver; or if you do not spend most time at home, your place could become an option for travelers, through Airbnb.

  1. Seasonal jobs

      A great job for retirees may be a seasonal one. This way, you do not have to be permanently at one work place but you will still make some extra money.

You can work in retail shops during Christmas, when sales increase and they need more hands to deal with the enormous amount of clients. You can work during summer, when a lot of people are on vacation, maybe in a camp or club.

There are other jobs that tend to be seasonal. For example, if you are an accountant, you could work as a tax preparer, but you will probably find the highest amount of clients between January and April, or there could be a company that hires you temporarily during this time period.

  1. Try teaching

      This is a good option if you are a retired educator or you were on the science or languages field. Finding a job as a substitute teacher may be the right choice for you if you like to work in classrooms. However, finding a job as substitute teacher may be hard in some areas.

The other option is tutoring. You could help teenagers to prepare for their SAT tests or you could offer help to students in college. Tell your friends that you are tutoring so they can spread the word, and posting and ad in the newspaper and online will help you find students.

  1. Easier part-time jobs

      If you don’t want to have a full time position, finding a part-time job that does not add stress or complications to your life may be a good decision. You could be hired in a retail position, in a call center or you can talk to your boss to work in the same company you are nowadays but with fewer responsibilities and less work hours.

Other great jobs for retirees may be dog walking and babysitting. There is always someone who needs another person to take care of their children when they go out, or to take their dogs for a walk when they are too busy.

  1. Start your own business

      It is estimated that most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S are in their 50s and 60s. This is because most people see retirement as an opportunity to take advantage of their abilities, experience and free time.

You could launch a new product, sell clothes or foods or offer seminars about things that you know depending on your profession. The good thing about this is that you will have your own schedule and you will be your own boss, but be careful if you have to invest money and you are not that good with numbers.