Medicare Supplement Plan F: Do You Actually Need It?


The info in this blog post is important for anybody considering Plan F Supplemental plan. This plan is quite popular at the moment. But, you need to explore each of your options as well as aware yourself of the possible pitfalls prior to purchasing one.

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However, be cautious of brokers who push you to consider this plan right away. Making statements like Medicare Supplement Plan F offers the most benefits & is the best is not only wrong but also irresponsible.


Besides, insurance agencies prefer Plan F as well. It comes with benefits that a common person would perhaps never utilize, and thus it becomes quite profitable to the provider. Hence, you see them always endorsing Plan F more than any other.


In case the only variation between Plan G & Plan F is Part-B Deductible, then what’s the reason for the price difference being so much huge? As of now, the Part-B Deductible of the Medicare is at $166 per year. But, when matching plans, you can easily identify the rates of Plan F anywhere between $300 to $600 more as opposed to Plan G. According to the insurance providers, this is a ‘convenience charge.’


So, why don’t we keep this “convenience charge” inside our wallet by paying the deductible on our own?


Additional charges aren’t a huge deal. The fact is, many doctors allow Medicare Assignment. Also, it’s easy to verify those who don’t. So why pay for this benefit when you actually don’t require it?


What’s worse, in a few states, it is totally illegal if the doctors charge the senior above the Allowable Medicare, yet you can see a number of brokers who continue to suggest their Plan F to their customers.


And since Plan F features 1st dollar coverage, it is over-utilized. In simple words, individuals visit their health-care expert more often since they already know it won’t cost them anything out of their pocket. So, the increased claims equal increased rate of the plan.


Besides, unhealthy folks who realize they’ll be paying sizable bills for their medicines prefer buying Plan F due to it offering a complete coverage.


So, purchasing Plan F does not have to be the right choice always. Consider each of your options and be ready to take expert help whenever required.